Congress of cartoonists for the Millennium Development Goals

CONGRESO ANA SANCHEZ2Held on November 3rd and 4th, 2008, within the activities of the 15th International Exhibition of Graphic Humour. Important experts on the field of Graphic Humour attended from Latin America, Spain, France and Portugal. Some of the most important national authors took part, such as Forges, Kap, Toni Batllori, etc., as well as international authors: Roberto Goiritz from Paraguay, Pedro Sol from Mexico, Ana Sánchez from Costa Rica, Agustín Sánchez González from Mexico or Jorge Montealegre from Chili.

The recurrent theme was the Millennium Goals and the role cartoonists play in those goals.

At the beginning of the event, the book Cartoonists for the Millennium Development Goals was presented; a book published jointly by the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation.

During the congress, Pedro Sol and Toni Batllori commented on the experience of having participated in the first volume of the series dedicated to goal number 1, To Eradicate Poverty and Hunger. They also talked about the point of view they have about the role of the cartoonist when communicating and promoting the achievement of the goals set in the Millennium Goals.

That conference gave way to a series of round tables in which later authors such as Fernando Gómez Zanetti, Nando (from Argentina), Jorge González Arce (from Mexico), Roberto Goiritz (from Paraguay) and Kap (from Spain) participated, and where they insightfully treated the role cartoonists have and possible actions they may take upon with their cartoons to support and demand the attainment of these goals.

They were very interesting conferences for all professionals and students in the field of Graphic Humour.

Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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