Arturo Yépez

Santiago de Chile 

Born in Santiago de Chile, he emigrated to New York when he was 18 years old, where he became the owner-director of Caricatour, a satirical magazine. Previous to that, he had contributed regularly to the New York Times, Reader's Digest, Wall Street Journal, Harper's, Saturday Review, Good Housekeeping, Saturday Evening Post, and many other important publications in the United States. He finally settled in Puerto Rico, where he has lived since 1968. He currently works as editorial cartoonist in the newspaper El Vocero (Puerto Rico).
He is the author of Humor a quien humor merece: la sufrida y valiente historia de la sátira política en Puerto Rico ('Humor to whom Humor Deserves: the Long-suffering and Courageous Story of  Political Satire in Puerto Rico'), published by the University of Puerto Rico. And of Historia del Humor Gráfico en Puerto Rico ('History of Graphic Humor in Puerto Rico'), published by the General Foundation of the University of Alcalá.
As an expert in the history of humor at a universal level, Yépez has held conferences about the subject in the United States, Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina and other countries. He taught Cartoon at the University of Puerto Rico, at the League of the Arts, and at the University of Sagrado Corazón.
His work has awarded him eleven prizes from the Overseas Press Club, and five from the Association of Photojournalists. He has also been awarded with several prizes in graphic humor contests in different countries. He recently received the Medal Carmelo Filardi, from UNESCO.

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