Fernando Krahn

Santiago de Chile, Chile, 1935

He already showed signs of predilection for drawing when he was a kid, and started out professionally in New York in 1962. He had works published in several magazines, such as Esquire, The New Yorker, or Atlantic Monthly among others. He also started working as an author-illustrator of children's books in 1965. Now he has more than 40 children's books published.

He went back to Chile in 1969, where he contributed to the magazine Ercilla, where Dramagramas appeared, something that was later published in many Spanish media. 
In 1973, he settled in Sitges, Barcelona, where he currently lives. His work has been published in magazines such as Triunfo and Por Favor, and he appeared several times in German and Swiss newspapers and magazines. 
He was awarded with the Apel'es Mestres Prize 1982, the Austral Infantil Prize 1986, the International Award of Illustration Fundación Santa María 2000, and the Junceda Award 2006. 
In 1972, he was awarded with the Guggenheim Scholarship (in the United States) for the experimentation on animated cartoons, something that was later reintroduced in the digital era. That led him to establish his own company, the Krahnfactory, with the aim of creating a kind of film suitable for all audiences.

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