Jaume Capdevila i Herrero, KAP

Barcelona, Spain, 1974.

He graduated in Fine Arts in the University of Barcelona.
He draws cartoons in newspapers under the pen name Kap. He has been published in La Vanguardia since 1996, and in Mundo Deportivo since 1997. He also contributes to other local and international publications, such as Siné Hebdo and Courrier International (France), or Il Quotidiano della Satira (Italy). His cartoons have appeared in European publications, such as Stern or Le Monde.
Ten books compile his cartoons, from Sense Kap ni peus (1997) to the last (so far) Manar! Manar! (2009), among which there are the four volumes of the collection Pelotazos ('Hardballs') that compile his best cartoons about football that the newspaper Mundo Deportivo publishes. He has held exhibitions both individually and collectively in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Naples or Mexico. His cartoons have been selected in the last few editions of the World Press Cartoon and the Press Cartoon Europe.
As an expert on graphic humor, he has also done several works about it. Several have been remarkable, such as the exhibition Trazos. Un siglo de ilustración y buen humor en Mundo Deportivo ('Strokes. One Century of Illustration and Good Humor in Mundo Deportivo') at the Cultural Centre of Caja Madrid in Barcelona. It also traveled to cities such as Granada or Paris. The exhibition Muntañola. L'art de riure, l'art de viure ('Muntañola. The Art of Laughing, the Art of Living') for the Social Work of Caixa de Sabadell; Tísner, at the Biennial of Graphic Humor Humoràlia in Lleida; or Viñetas en fuera de juego ('Vignettes on Offside'), at the Comic Convention of Barcelona. He has had several books on the spreading of this same gender published, such as Bagaria. La guerra no fa riure ('Bagaria. War is not funny') (2007), L'humor gràfic de Tísner ('Tísner's Graphic Humor') (2009), or Canya al Borbó! Iconografía satírica de la monarquía espanyola ('Have a go at the Bourbon! Satirical Iconography of the Spanish Monarchy') (2009). He has written about the satirical image in newspapers and digital publications, apart from working with the University of Alcalá de Henares, the University of Alicante, the University of Vic, the University of León, the University of the Basque Country, the International University of Catalonia, and the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Summer courses, postgraduate courses, conferences, exhibitions and other activities related to graphic humor.
In 2008 he was awarded with the “Humoris Causa” Award at the Biennial Vino, Humor e Fantasía, and he received a Mention at the XI Festival Internazionale di Humor Grafico. In 2009, he received the Graphic Humor of Sports Award from the Catalonian Foundation for the Sports, and the International Humor Award Gat Perich.

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