José Mª Gallego y Julio Rey

Madrid, España, 1955. 

José Gallego (Madrid, 1955) and Julio Rey (Madrid, 1955) met at the editorial office of Diario 16 in January 1980. For a year, Gallego and Rey fulfilled separately their different tasks at the newspaper as illustrators. One cartoon, first weekly and right afterwards three times a week about television, was the first job they were given by the direction of the newspaper, and was the first one signed by “Gallego and Rey”. Rey played the part of writer and Gallego, that of illustrator. Their success was immediate. Their caricature of television was sarcastic, almost fierce.
In 1983, Gallego and Rey joined the opinion section of the newspaper. They published their daily strip in Diario 16 until 1989. In April of that year, they accepted a job offer at the newspaper El País, although they went back to Diario 16 due to criteria differences with the newspaper's management. In the fall of 1992, they received an offer from the private channel Tele 5 for the creation of a funny strip in the top audience news program of such channel. They worked there until 1997 with considerable success. Half way through 1996, they left the pages of Diario 16 to join the newspaper El Mundo, where they still have a political strip published. They alternate that with their job in other newspapers such as the sports newspaper Marca, Semana or the satirical magazine El Jueves.
Gallego and Rey have been awarded with many awards for their work, such as: 'Fair Play' Award from the R.F.E.F.; Award from the National Association of Graphic Reporters in Press; 'Humor Stars' Award; Tono Award (Villa de Madrid Awards); Communicator Credential from the Communication Club; Chevaliers de L'Academie du Trait d'Humeur; Honorary Professors of Humor from the University of Alcalá de Henares; First Prize of Graphic Humor from the Comic Convention in Gijón; Golden Medal to the Philatelic Merit; International Humor Award Gat Perich; Salvador de Madariaga Award from the European Press Association.

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