Kadhim Shamhood Tahir

Missan, Iraq

He graduated in Fine Arts in Baghdad, where he started studying in 1974, and finished in Spain in 1975. In 1991 he received a doctorate in Arts History, specializing in engraving, mural painting, medal painting, and bookbinding. He currently lives in Madrid.
As graphic cartoonist and caricaturist, Kadhim has always looked for denouncing dictatorial and war pressures suffered in his home country. He has contributed to the Iraqi magazine Mayallati, to Al Huda, and to the Spanish magazines Blanco y Negro and Ya. His works have been compiled in four books.
He has also worked in animation. He took part in the first production of this kind ever made in Iraq.
As engraver and muralist, he has received many awards, and as such he has exhibited his engravings and paintings in Maastricht, London, Amman, New York, Damascus and Madrid. Only in Spain, he has held more than 20 individual exhibitions with paintings and engravings, and he has contributed to more than 50 collective exhibitions. He has also participated in several world contests, where his works have been awarded.

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