Régulo Pérez

Bolivar State, Venezuela, 1929.

He studied at the School for the Plastic Arts Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas (1945-47). He joined the young group at the Free Workshop of Art in Caracas (1948). After living in Rome and Paris, he went back to Venezuela in 1956 and defined, together with Jacobo Borges and Luis Guevara Moreno, the orientation of the figurative social movement. From 1959 onwards, he was the director-founder of the School for the Plastic Arts of the University of Los Andes (Mérida).
His works have been highlighted in several periodic publications, such as Fantoches, El Morrocoy Azul, El Farol, Tribuna Popular, La Pava Macha, La Saparapanda, El Sádico Ilustrado. From 1977 and 1982 onwards, he contributed to the Cultural Supplement of Últimas Noticias (Caracas), with the daily cartoon Régulo, carga y descarga ('Régulo, load and unload').
He has held individual and collective exhibitions in more than 30 countries, such as La Habana, Cuba, Venice, Italy, New York, Salamanca and Alcalá de Henares (Spain), among others and emphasizing those individual exhibitions presented in Caracas in several occasions.
He has been awarded with the “Arturo Michelena” Award in its editions IX and XIII at the Ateneo de Valencia in Estado Carabobo (1951 and 1955), the Drawing Award from the School of Architecture, UCV (1958); the National Drawing Award in Caracas (1960); the National Painting Award in Caracas (1967); the National Journalism Award in Caracas (1986); the Adquisición Award from the Humor and Satire Museum in Gabrovo, Bulgaria (1990); the Pedro León Zapata Award from the newspaper El Nacional, Caracas (1994); the Professor Humoris Causa Award from the University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain (1994); the Journalism Award “Chepino Gerbasi” to the Best Cartoonist, Mayoralty of Chacao, Caracas (1995); the Award “Andrés Pérez Mújica”, Caracas (1997); the National Award “Armando Reverón”, Caracas (1999); the Order Leoncio Martínez, the Order María Teresa Castillo and the Order Colombeia, all three of them from the Government of Estado Miranda (2000); and the Municipal Journalism Award “Leoncio Martínez”, Mayoralty of Caracas (2001).

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