Vilma Vargas Vallejo


She is a painter, architect and illustrator. She’s the mysterious and cabalistic combination of “v”. The fact is that “vvv” has taken on so many artistic activities with such peculiar fortune that she never decided to stick to one in particular. Maybe that is because she lives (with a v) in the middle of the world and there one is always at risk of not knowing where to go to.
“Vvv” started out professionally at El Espectador newspaper at the tender age of 17, which she helped going bankrupt. She then started getting published in Tintaji, a bi-weekly newspaper, in Criterios magazine of Quito’s Chamber of Commerce, and in the regional newspaper Los Andes. She currently works as the caricature artist of the newspaper Empresarios del Henares, in Spain, and of the newspaper Hoy, in Ecuador.
She has participated in the International Exhibition of Graphic Humour of the University of Alcalá de Henares (Spain) since 2006; and in the International Exhibition of Women and the art of caricature. She was the guest illustrator at the First Ecuadorean Edition of Don Quixote in 2005. And she has two books published: Picante Forajido and Retazos y Otros Trazos.
She won the CITMA Prize at the Biennial of Graphic Humour in Cuba (2006), and a Mention of Honour at the Comic and Caricature for Peace Contest in Quito, Ecuador (2000).

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