Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

Antonio Moreira Antunes

This drawing will not have a huge impact, it will be fairly subtle, but it should draw attention to the idea of hunger across the world and that is my small contribution.

The idea is to combine two strong images- a planet and a loaf of bread- to make “Planet Bread”. It is a fairly absurd idea but it serves to remind us that both concepts are important, and that when we are able to create a “Planet Bread” there will be no more hunger.

José Palomo Fuentes

I am highlighting the problem of new-borns and their opportunities for development. I am using the myth of storks because the stork wants to take them to a place where they can be children and have a childhood, but the problem is there is nowhere to take them. In Norway people are 40 times richer than people in Nigeria, and they live nearly twice as long. Because of that all the children start to chant “Norway, Norway…” in an effort to lobby and pressure the stork.

Helio Flores

In my case the job as a whole has always been linked to the idea of poverty within marginalised societies in our country and across the world. I think that is one of the main roles of caricature. 

In pesimistic moments one thinks that one doesn´t have much effect, and although it seems ridiculous, the years pass by and we are still repeating the same things and the same situations and there has been little change or progress.

Francisco Paulo Hespanha Caruso, Chico

I think that comic illustrators have a part to play because humour is like a way of looking down on problems from above, so in many ways when people laugh at a particular situation it is because they think a solution is close. That is how comic illustrators contribute to improving things.

Loredano Cássio da Silva Filho

It will no doubt have some use and some meaning, but I don´t think that my work is likely to have much effect on political leaders. If they are unable to feel sorry for the real African child, why are they going to feel sorry for a photo, or for a paper child? If they are not capable of making decisions and changing the course of society after they see the real issues close up, how are they going to feel sorry about the situation after seeing a drawing? I don´t think it will work.

Carlos Garaycochea

They say that man is the smartest animal on earth, so if that were really true then we would be able to find a solution for this problem so essential to humanity, to show that we are humans and that we really are the most intelligent beings.

Juan Pedro Sol La Lande Tardán

If we can express in images an idea that the general public is able to understand, we will have reached our goal. In my opinion caricature is not famous for being respectful, but it does have a function within social reflection which allows it to work on many levels and in many ways.

Toni Batllori Obiols

I think that comic illustrators have a totally secondary and purely entertaining role. However, it is possible that on an individual level someone might have been explained something many times, but when that persons sees an image it might drive the point home and incite action.

Alfredo Sábat

Illustrations in newspapers are very fleeting concepts in general, and when I am drawing I think of the current project and not yesterday’s. That doesn’t mean that I can’t say what I think or say what I want to happen, or what I would like to happen…

Máximo San Juan Arranz

I think that this is beyond the scope of the few seconds that people devote to looking at an illustration. Ours is a fleeting and limited influence. I believe in commitment and UN mandates more than drawings- there are 200 countries in that alliance after all. I believe the whole world, so far, is incapable of giving 10% of our incomes to help others.

Humoristas por los objetivos del milenio

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