Angelines San José Sainz

León, Spain, 1955.

She holds a Masters in Interior Design by the Madrid’s School of Decorative Arts and she also has a title in Spanish Dance awarded by the Real Conservatorio de Arte Dramático y Danza de Madrid. She combined her two passions, painting and dance, as she taught dance while she was studying art and decoration.
Her vocation arrived through a series of experiences. She used to paint rocks that she then sold at the flea market. As that was a small success, she grew to believe that she could earn a living with her drawings.
Her professional beginnings were in advertising, as a contributor to agencies and graphic design studios. Later, she combined those clients with pulishing houses: G+J (Muy Interesante, Muy Junior, Mia), Mundo Negro (Aguiluchos Magazine), Didascalia from Hatier Group, Madrid+Salud, Nívola (Historia Natural), Oxford, Periódicos Comarcales (La Mar de Campos and Nordeste de Segovia, which together with other newspapers belong to the Comunicomarca project of rural development).
She has taught several workshops: about graphic humour (Alcalá de Henares), about caricature (Leganés, Madrid), and about illustration for children and youths (Casa de Vacas de la Vaguada, Madrid). She has also spoken in several illustrated conferences about gender-based violence in cities around the Castile and León autonomous community, Spain.
She has a few children and youth literature books published.
She was awarded with the Honorary Mention in the First Caricature Festival of Gondorriso (Gondomar, Portugal).

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