Elena María Ospina Mejía

She is a Colombian caricature artist and illustrator who offers a new perspective on graphic arts and finds her biggest strength on design and colour.

From the newspaper El Espectador, where she started out professionally in Revista Los Monos, and together with a creative team who’s made it into the Colombian editorial history as one of the most innovative in different areas, Elena Ospina generated a pedagogical and recreational process with her drawings that transformed the scene of children publications in Colombia.
She also shared her creative passion with a restless group of Colombian graphic caricature artists that was known at the end of the 80s and beginning of the 90s as El Cartel del Humor. Their work in the field of caricature has won multiple national and international awards and recognition at different festivals and art events.
She has contributed to the creation and illustration of countless editorial projects in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Panama, Ecuador, Spain and England.
On an artistic level, she has participated in private and collective exhibitions, and part of her pictorial work has been published in newspapers and magazines. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain, where she is developing illustration projects for Europe and Latin America.
She has won several prizes and mentions, among them the Ricardo Rendón Prize in Bogota, 1988; the First Prize Nasreddin Hica in Istambul, 1993; the Black Cat Mention of Honour in Russia, 2007; the Second Prize at the III Santomera Graphic Humour Contest in Murcia, 2008; the Second Prize at the I Ciudad de Bogotá International Graphic Humour and Caricature Contest in Bogota, 2008; the Illustration Prize at the XIV Comic Strip and Caricature Exhibition in Cali, Colombia, 2008; the Prize to the Best Collection of Works, International Category, at the III Caricature Women Artists Contest in Cuba, 2009; and the Second Prize at Ciudad de Ideas in Mexico, 2010.

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