Jesús Zulet Izurra

Pamplona, Spain, 1956.

He is the caricature artist in the Op-Ed section of El Correo de Bilbao and Diario Vasco de San Sebastián newspapers. He has been contributing to the different newspapers of the Vocento Group since 1990.
Before that, he contributed to other media, such as the newspapers Diario de Navarra, Navarra Hoy, Diario 16, Pueblo, Ayuntamientos Democráticos, Eguna, Deia, the Real Madrid magazine, and the TV networks Euskal Telebista and TVE, with the creation and design of muñegotes.
For three years he was Art Director at Publinsa advertising agency, on accounts for Renault, Scala Meliá-Castilla, Eurobuilding…
He teaches workshops and gives speeches about graphic humour as contributor and founding member of HumorAula. He also is Honorary Professor of Humour in the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain).

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