Jorge Martínez, Lloyy

Habana, Cuba, 1970. 

He probably left some doodles in his mother’s womb before he was born. It was always clear to him that he’d be a painter, as his favourite toys when he was a boy were brushes, watercolours and art books.
He landed on graphic humour by obligation, not only because he is a natural-born nonconformist and he fights all that is not done properly, but because the situation in Cuba from the early 90s made him feel frustrated. It was impossible to but any materials for painting, so he had to look for other means of expression that needed less material resources, and there he found caricature and graphic humour. With that he could express much more and reach a wider audience immediately. 
His drawings have been published in different magazines, such as Muñe, Palante, Ddt, El Habanero (Cuba), Otro más otro, Chocarreros, Justo Medio, Humoris Causa (México), Kayhan caricature (Irán), Cartoons & Coctails (USA), BronKit (Portugal), Sapoconcho, Diario de Alcalá, Quevedos, Interviú or Virus Mutante (España); also in the textbook Así es el mundo (France), and in several digital media. He actively contributes to the programme about graphic humour of the Fundación General of the University of Alcalá de Henares since 1999. 
He has organised private exhibitions and participated in an infinite number of collective exhibitions around the world, where he has received more than 30 awards. 
Within caricature and graphic humour, he has experimented with a great variety of techniques, taking those styles out of their regular formats, using paint, etching, sculpture… always striving not to fall into a tedious routine. 
His experience has taken him to teaching. He has taught workshops and courses about graphic humour and caricature in primary and secondary schools, town halls, prisons, etc. He also draws caricatures live at festivals, conferences, exhibitions and for companies.

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