José Freire de Oliveira, Zé Oliveira

Fátima, Portugal.

He started out professionally as a contributor to newspapers (Os Ridículos, Flama, Magazine) as a designer and writer when he was 20, combining it with his studies.
He interrupted his career to attend three years of military service, two of which he spent fighting in the colonial war with Angola. When he got back, the atmosphere in the media had gotten much stricter, so he followed a different professional path: surveyor.
Thirty years later, he started contributing to newspapers again (Região de Leiria and different newspapers from the same group, and Trevim), designing and writing once again. He worked as editor for Trevim for two years, where he started the satirical supplement BronKit, which the graphic artist Osvaldo de Sousa coordinates.
He is President of FecoPortugal, an association of graphic artists, since its foundation in 2008.
He has four books published: two monographic books, one with Luis Alfonso do Público, and another one with Gogue from Faro do Vigo
Currently he only works as caricature artist and illustrator. His works are published in Caixa Aberta, in the STEC (workers union of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Group) magazine, and in the Trevim da Lousa. He also illustrates textbooks.
In 2008 he was appointed Honorary Ambassador of Granada by the Granada Town Hall, and he was awarded with the Diploma of Honour in the Lisbon BD Exhibition. In 2007 he was appointed Mayor Ujier, Granada’s Town Hall responsible for humour. He also won the Juan Carlos Cultural Medal of Merit, awarded by the Brazilian Association of Design and Visual Arts; the Medal of Honour awarded by the House-Museum of Fontinha María (Castro Daire, Portugal); and the Diploma to the Recognition of Merit awarded by Elos Clube in Leiria, Portugal. He has been awarded with several prizes: 3rd Prize in Club de Navidad Nielsen (Portugal, 2006); 3rd Prize in Salón Luso-Gallego Caricatura in Villa Real (Portugal, 2006); 1st Prize for the Christmas comic strip in Club AC Nielsen (Portugal, 2006); the Amadora Cartoon Prize 04 (Portugal, 2004); the Grand Prize in the National Caricature Exhibition (Portugal, 2001); 1st National Prize of Press Photography (2001); 1st National Prize of Vignette in the Press (Portugal, 2000); and the Mention of Honour for Vignette in the Press (Portugal, 1991).

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