Liviano Riva

Monza, Italy, 1948.

Inspired by his homeland, he has spread through several areas in graphics and design, from humour and advertising, to satire and religion. He is a graphic designer and artist, and he takes care of every aspect of the graphic activity. He makes his simple designs with soft pastels, a fine airbrush and computer software. He develops creations for gifts and promotions, for cosmetic and publishing houses – such as business cards and packages –; he creates characters, supervises product developments and develops corporate images.
He has created comic vignettes for local newspapers and has participated in humour exhibitions and festivals on a national and international level where bit by bit he acquired experience and made good friends with some of the most famous artists in the world.
Thanks to that experience, he decides to organise something similar in his home town of La Ghignata in 1987. This initiative has already celebrated its 16th edition in association with the Franco Fossati Foundation (to which Liviano is one of the founding members). This exhibition is developing a series of international initiatives related to humour. In the last few years, Liviano has alternated publishing religious articles, whose number he has increased and consolidated, making him more prestigious; with art and culture exhibitions, more driven by passion than by a sense of obligation, which have granted him prizes and honours, including the 1993 Santa Lucía Prize to the civil recognition in Ciudad de Mugía.
Caricature, his biggest passion, is what has made him most popular: for two years his vignette was published on the cover of El Ciudadano, to which Luigi Losa is the chief editor, in Monza.

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