Marlene Pohle

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1939.

She is a painter, caricature artist and illustrator. She started out professionally in graphic humour at the Córdoba’s magazine Hortensia. Having already worked in paint and drawing at different workshops of German and Argentinean painters, her training in drawing humour and caricature was self-taught, based on an observation exercise more than anything and on the mechanics of having a pencil in her hand pretty much since she was born. 

She has been living in Stuttgart, Germany, since 1992, where she works as an illustrator and humour artist for different media of foreign language teaching, and she participates in international contests and exhibitions. Her works are published in Nebelspalter magazine, in Courrier International, and occasionally in other media.
She takes part in private and collective exhibitions in Argentina as well as in France, Germany, Turkey and Portugal. Her latest private exhibition, with 80 pieces of art, was held in the Cultural Centre Bernardino Rivadavia, Rosario, Argentina, in August 2010.
She has received many international awards, such as the Curuxa Gráfica Prize of Museo del Humor in Fene, Spain; the 1st Prize at the Cartoonfestival in Deventer, Holland; 2nd Prize of Festival del Humor in Foligno, Italy; the Lápiz de Porcelana Prize of Festival del Humor in Saint Just Le Martel, France; the Mention of the German Exhibition of Journalistic Vignette; and many others. She is a member of the Prize-giving Jury in several of those international exhibitions of graphic humour. She is also Vice-manager of FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organizations), the former Manager, and she gives speeches regularly on the topic of women in the graphic humour world.

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