Ricardo Martínez Ortega

Santiago de Chile, Chile, 1956.

He was born in Santiago de Chile on April 15, 1956, from Spanish parents. In May 1969, all the family moved to Madrid, Spain.
His professional life starts in the late 70s, making illustrations for several publications and advertising agencies, and making vignettes, such as the series entitled El Tío Óscar for Piñón magazine.
In 1981 he moves to Miami, USA. There he first works for the Miami News staff as designer-infographer-illustrator, and later for the Miami Herald, exclusively as illustrator.
Together with Nacho, he starts publishing the Goomer comics in 1987, first for El País newspaper and then for El Mundo.
In 1989 he returns to Madrid to be a part of the founding team of El Mundo newspaper as Vicedirector of Illustration. At this newspaper, he organises the illustration and graphics department.
In May 1990 he starts publishing political vignettes together with Nacho. He combines this activity with the illustrations to the Letters to the Editor and the Goomer comic strips.
Nacho abandons political vignettes in February 2002. From then on, Ricardo would continue by himself.
He has received several awards (among then, 6 Gold Awards) from the SND Society of Newspaper Design for his illustrations and page designs published in El Mundo and The Miami Herald. He won the Prize in Graphic Humour of the International Press Club; the Tono Prize of Comunidad de Madrid; and the Haxtur Prize in Graphic Humour of the Comic Festival in Gijón (Spain). His works have appeared in the annual collections of the New York Society of Illustrators.

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