Tomás Gulle

Córdoba, Argentina.

He is an advertising creative, illustrator and graphic artist. He lives in Milan, Italy, since 2002, where he works for Centímetri, an infographic communication agency, as illustrator, visualiser, Production Manager and Company Manager.
In Argentina, he contributes with graphic humour in Córdoba for Revista Hortensia, the newspaper La Voz del Interior, and other institutional magazines; in Buenos Aires for Gente, Humor and SexHumor. Apart from different advertising assignments, he creates comic campaigns for Fargo, Pepsi, the Buenos Aires Town Hall, Renault Argentina, Transax, and Arcor and Thompson Ranco (security). He also creates environmental campaigns for Arcor, Ligget Argentina and the Córdoba Town Hall.
In Italy he was recognised as graphic artist with the first prize of Corriere della Sera “Nuovi Lavori” 2003. In 2007, he organised a private exhibition in Milan, Sin Palabras (Without Words) that was later exhibited in Spain. His drawings are published in several newspapers and magazines in Italy, such as Focus, Oblò, Ritornare, Oggi, or For Men Magazine. Besides and through the creation of his characters, he has created prevention campaigns for the Italian Ministry of Public Health, among others.
On the other hand, he participates in collective exhibitions, such as the International Exhibition Dessin, Presse et Humeur in Saint Just Le Martel (Limoges, France); Realidad Dibujada – Cartoons de Latinoamérica in Ulm (Germany); the International Exhibition of Graphic Humour in Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain); as well as others in Italy and Greece.
As he takes part in international exhibitions, he has been awarded with several prizes, such as the 1st Prize of Corriere della Sera “Nuovi Lavori” in Milan (2003); the International Humour Exhibition Cartoonfestival in Knookke-Heist, Belgium (1993); the Life Achievement Award of the VI Biennial of Humour and Vignette in Argentina (1986); and the Prize of the Córdoba Town Hall of the V Biennial of Humour and Vignette in Argentina (1984).

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